Payroll services in Oxfordshire

Do you need help with your payroll?

shutterstock 1776445_smallDo you need assistance with your payroll? Managing your payroll internally can be time-consuming and take up valuable resources – but it’s crucial that you get it right. A1 Financials can deliver payroll solutions, tailored to meet the needs of any small business.

Reliable and dependable, the service we offer is based on our philosophy that payroll needs to be consistent, easily understood and accurate. Our payroll calculations and the information we provide will fully recognise the statutory requirements of your business.

".......a big improvement on our previous salary handlers. Moreover, always contactable and very easy to work with, reliable, flexible, and totally trustworthy with confidential information......"

Our payroll service includes:

Data Input

  • Setting up, amending, adding & deleting employee details
  • Input of timesheet details, bonus calculations & overtime
  • Input & recording of SSP(Statutory Sick Pay), SMP(Statutory Maternity Pay), SAP(Statutory Adoption Pay) & SPP (Statutory Paternity Pay)

  • Processing

  • Running the payroll to calculate Gross Pay, Deductions & Net Pay. 

  • Data Output

  • Production of payslips & standard wage reports
  • Production of P45’s

  • Year End

  • Production of P14’s & P60’s
  • Production of P35’s (Internet Filing available)

  • Other

  • Calculation of Holiday Pay
  • Production of standard reports
  • Calculation of payments to the Inland Revenue
  • Calculation of Income Tax & NI payments due each month

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